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This year at the 68th Annual Awards Dinner and Annual Meeting, The Kennedy Center will be recognizing 21 Employees who have worked for 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years. Each of them has made a significant impact to the individuals and families we support. The Kennedy Center congratulates each one of them on their dedication and commitment to our mission and to empowering individuals with disabilities. We are extremely proud and fortunate to have them as part of our KC family.

20-Year Employees: Joe Angelucci, Alyssa Cocce, Dawn Bedford, Beth Heigel, Richard Kunsch, Michelle Capodagli, Fiona Jones, Christine Wilson, Eva Carter, Miguel Arizmendi, and Rebecca Spinner.

25-Year Employee: Melissa Beers, Joell Purnell, and Valerie Reyher

30-Year Employees: Beverly Ashelford, Cheryl Sosik, Paul Krafcik, Lisa LaRocca, and Christal Mazzarese

35-Year Employee: Marie Kane

40-Year Employee: Debra Moraes

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